McKenzie for US Congress
McKenzie Levindofske - Candidate for US Rep for Ohio District 09

McKenzie Levi for U. S. Congress

In 2018 McKenzie Levindofske ran as an independent candidate for Representative to US Congress for Ohio's District 09.  McKenzie's run was both exploratory and practical as he used the platform of candidate to gain experience, join and work with community service groups, publicly share some of his solutions to the problems we are facing, and inspire others to take an active role in the leadership of their own communities. 

McKenzie is well known in Cleveland and Lakewood, Ohio for his 12th century knight style and his preference for the Crusades and the Kingdom of Jerusalem.  Beginning in 2017 he took his Crusader persona and management experience to the streets of Cleveland establishing a Public Safety Task Force where he performs cleanup and patrol of the public spaces and parks of Downtown.  The task force known as The Order Of The City also performs public safety and peace keeping at protests and rallies.  It was in this work he gained notoriety as an enforcer against Antifa and the radical left. 

McKenzie's qualifications are derived from his diverse background in management positions in varied types of environments.  Current and previous positions and projects by Mckenzie include:

Keep Lakewood Beautiful Board Member (2018 - )

Order of the City Public Safety Task Force Founder (2017 - )

Lake Erie Historical Fencing (Sword Club) Founder (2017 - )

Order of the ARK (Archaeological Excavation Company)  Project Manager (2015 - )

The Gospel of McKenzie and "In the Beginning"  Author (2015, 2016)

Willow Creek, California Downtown Street Issue and Transient Committee Chairman (2014)

Actor in various Studio and Independent Productions (2011 - 2013)

Manager, Bartender, Hospitality of multiple Nightclubs in New Orleans French Quarter (2012)

Rugby Men's Division I & II Player (2006 - 2010)

Commercial Property Manager (2008 - 2010)

Residential Remodeling Project Manager (2006 -2008)

Residential Construction Partner (2004 - 2006)

BA Communication from University at Buffalo, NY (2004)

Sponsored Skateboarder (2002 - 2003)