McKenzie for US Congress
McKenzie Levindofske - Candidate for US Rep for Ohio District 09

McKenzie Levi for U. S. Congress

You may have seen McKenzie Levi.  You may have seen him as a teenager skateboarding on the brown marble that was Cleveland Public Square or as a child in his Grandfather's South Euclid printing shop.  You may have seen him decades later parkouring on the walls of NorthEast Ohio.  You may have seen him as the 12th century Knight who cleans and watches the streets, alleys, and parks of downtown Cleveland and Lakewood or at rallies and protest events where he has become a fixture as part of his Public Safety Task Force; The Order Of The City.  You may have seen him sword fighting with his medieval martial arts groups and it's true that you may have seen him inside a cave or atop a Crusader castle on an archaeological adventure in the Middle East. 

It is also true that you may have seen him in the woods of North California operating  as a volunteer Ranger and the Chairman of the Downtown Street Issue and Transient Committee in the town of Willow Creek where he cleared the woods and managed the transients of the cannabis trade.   Or you may have seen him in Hollywood, California, writing his scripts and books in public libraries at night while managing a large ceramic tile warehouse as a day job.  Of course it's true you may have seen him in New Orleans where he worked as an actor and extra on films and television shows but you may have also seen him there managing clubs on Bourbon Street and in the darker corners of the French Quarter.   You may have seen him as a writing and acting student in Austin, Texas or as a Division I men's Rugby player in Indianapolis, Indiana.  You may have seen him with a band or performing alone as a singer and guitarist.  You may have seen him in Buffalo, New York where he was born and graduated from the University at Buffalo.  In all of these places you may also have seen McKenzie at your local hardware store.  McKenzie is a carpenter as well as a home builder, remodeling contractor, estimator, and maintenance manager with experience in high level project management. 

You may see McKenzie in Lakewood, Ohio where lives and is active in his community service work.  He is an associate of Keep Lakewood Beautiful and has initiated a regular volunteer cleanup crew called the Keepers of the Community.  

He is a gentleman- A Good Knight, who is aggressively confrontational against corruption.  He is strong on public safety.  He is a logical man with the proper capabilities necessary to represent Northern Ohio residents in this unique political scene.  

McKenzie, also known as Mac or Levi, is balloted as an Independent under his legal name:  McKenzie Levindofske